Naharai Galindo Shares Her Story [Video] – Generation Justice

Generation Justice sits down with Naharai Galindo, a student at RFK Charter High School, to talk about her experiences as a young person growing up and now as a young mother trying to finish school. Naharai openly talks about some of the personal and educational challenges that she has faced.

Despite these challenges, however, she has continued to fight and work hard to get back to, and finish, high school. Now, as a young mother, she shares the changes in perspective that her son brought into her life. As she says in the video, the day she became a mom is “the most beautiful day ever,” and the the path to finish school has now become their path.

Generation Justice is proud to have collaborated on this video with RFK Charter High School in Albuquerque, NM. Naharai’s story is inspirational because in overcoming challenges she has helped to break down myths and stereotypes of young people in general and young mother more specifically. Generation Justice would like to give Naharai and her son a very special thank you. Thanks for being brave and sharing your story with us!