7.20.13 MikeThreeSixty [Radio] – Generation Justice

Luna Olavarria Gallegos sat down in studio with Mike360, a local muralist and talented musician. He had some insightful things to say about how hip-hop culture relates to his work in the community. We  featured some of his music, which is composed with an interesting assortment of instruments and beatboxing.

Production Team:
Producer: Luna Olavaria Gallegos
Hosts- Alden Bruce and Melissa Harris
Interviewer- Luna Olavaria Gallegos

Music Featured:
A live performance of MikeThreeSixty and local hip-hop artists,Wakeself, and Def-i formerly known as “Breathe Deep”
“Time Machine Anthem” – MikeThreeSixty and Def-I
“Dreams”-  MikeThreeSixty and Daniel Rodriguez ada Xololanxinco
“Ren and Mike Bird Loop”MikeThreeSixty
“Time Code Split” MikeThreeSixty
“Prayer for Zimbabwe”- MikeThreeSixty