8.24.14 – Police Militarization [Radio] – Generation Justice

Have you asked yourself what you could be doing about police violence in Ferguson or Albuquerque? This week’s radio show features an in-depth interview with international peace activist Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb talking about the militarization of police departments across the country and what you can do about it. We also feature two montages of local Albuquerque community members sharing their thoughts on the epidemic of police violence. (photo credit: AP/Jeff Roberson)

Production Team:
Producers – Christina Rodriguez and Izzy Mustafa
Hosts – Chantel Trujillo and Munther Jabber
Interviewers – Jordan Unverzagt, Cecy Frescas, Izzy Mustafa, and Carson Lafferty
Music Director – Danny Kesner
Engineer – Maya Quiñones

Music Featured:
“Police Brutality” by Solo Banton
“They Don’t Care About Us” by Michael Jackson
“Black Rage” by Lauryn Hill
“Humanity” by John Legend
“People Help the People” by Birdy