11.22.15 An EVENTful Year! – Generation Justice

Are you wondering about some some of the fun things that are happening during the holiday season? This week, we shared amazing events that truly make our wonderful home the “Land of Enchantment.” Check it out!

Production Team:

Hosts: Tamara Colaque, Jonathon Alonzo, Jakia Fuller, & Yousuf Amer

Music Host: Brennan Olivier

Engineer: George Luna-Pena

Director: Melissa Harris


Featured Music:

“Back and Fill” – Quietly Kept

“Nature” – Seth Hoffman

“Sleeping Lessons” – The Shins

“Pundcake Freestyle” – WakeSelf

“Quiero Ser Libre” – Cultura Fuerte

“Christmas in New Mexico” – Jerry Dean

“Indigenous Woman” – Running With Arrows

“When You Say” – Tommy G

“Alla Viene Un Corazon” – Mala Mana

“Vestido Mojado” – Al Hurricane

“Confident” – Demi Lovato