e.Woke #11: Databases, Tracked Cars, and Girl Scouts

This week, we explore how being part of the resistance puts us in databases, how our cars are being tracked, and what healthy security skepticism looks like. Check it out:

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As Standing Rock Camps Cleared Out, TigerSwan Expanded Surveillance To Array of Progressive Causes

In Part 3 of the TigerSwan series by The Intercept, it was revealed that the internal communications between TigerSwan and its client, Energy Transfer Partners, show that the security firm is staying in business: looking “into spliter groups, looking for new causes.” TigerSwan also targeted organizations in Chicago and Iowa, as well as other groups “that seek to establish a revolutionary movement in the United States.” (via The Intercept)

Rhode Island Bill Sees Highway Surveillance Cams Ticketing Uninsured Motorists

Yesterday we saw the Rhode Island legislative committee approve a bill to expand the usage of license plate readers. The largely unregulated industry of license plate readers keep an eye on 60 license plates per second, and match the plates against list of wanted vehicles and suspects. (via ArcsTechnica)

How Sanctuary Cities Can Protect Undocumented Immigrants From ICE Data Mining

Santuary cities, and those who may be trying to help those who are undocumented, might be putting their data at risk. The rise of data, in all parts of our society, has not just revolutionized law enforcement, but ICE as well. The Intercept takes a look at what abilities we know that ICE has. (via The Intercept)

Girl Scouts Will Soon Earn Badges In Cybersecurity

Some good news: cybersecurity for the future generations! In September 2018, US Girl Scouts will have be moving into the 21st century skill set: introducing 18 new cyber security badges. (via Huffington Post)

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