10.15.17: The State of Resilience

New Mexico’s history of colonization, genocide, and inequity are tied to today’s resistance, resilience, and liberation. Our future is dependent on how well we honor and navigate our past and present conditions. That is why we set out on the State of Resilience Campaign, to showcase the stories of resilience in New Mexico. This week we feature those stories on air and in our podcast. Listen in to hear New Mexicans share their resilience and the ways they see our community healing and overcoming the past. Guests include Dr. Glenabah Martinez, Donald Gallegos, Clarissa Duran, Michelle Melendez, Regis Pecos, Patsy Romero, Lupe Salazar, Rev. Charles Becknell, Sr., Amy Whitfield, Huong Nguyen, Victor Torres, Qadria Naji (pictured), and David Cooper.