4.12.20 – Mutual Aid & Messages of Inspiration


This week, we bring you another full program recorded from our GJ homes! Youth producer, Jackie Torres speaks with Jonathon Alonzo and Selinda Guerrero, two organizers with Albuquerque Mutual Aid. Jonathon and Selinda share about the incredible work of feeding hundreds of Albuquerque families through the power of community organizing. 

Youth members, Elijah Cage, Pilar Monfiletto, Zain Dixon, and Barbara Ramirez share their reasons for staying home and their pieces of inspiration for the community to get through these tough times. 

Production Team: 

– Riazullah Alkozai & Gianna Ramirez

Interviewer– Jackie Torres 

Commentary– Elijah Cage, Pilar Monfiletto, Zain Dixon, Barbara Ramirez

Music selection– Riazullah Alkozai, Gianna Ramirez, and Elijah Cage

Audio Editing Support – Barbara Ramirez