4.26.20- Volunteer Engagement & 50th Anniversary of Earth Day


This week on Generation Justice we spoke with Nicholas Vottero and Arturo Sandoval!

Nicholas Vottero is the Civic Engagement Coordinator of the Mayor’s Office. He has been active in local food, legislative & administrative policy analysis and advocacy. He joined us to share about tha new volunteer engagement platform introduced by the city. The platform would track volunteer hours in hope of turning them into federal relief money for the city. 

Arturo Sandoval is a native of Española, New Mexico who has dedicated his life to civil rights, economic justice, human rights, educational parity and conservation work. He was on the national organizing team for the first-ever Earth Day in 1970! Aruturo speaks to GJ member Victor Torres in this amazing interview from 2012. 

Host & Music Selection- Elijah Cage and Isabel Becerra

Interviewers- Milian Cordova and Victor Torres 

Assistant Producer- Barbara Ramirez 

Producer- Kateri Zuni 

Executive Producer- Roberta Rael