6.7.20 Uplifting Black Voices from Our Community


This week we dedicated our program to the voices of Black and African American GJ members and community leaders.

Thema Reed, Devont’e Watson, Josh Horton, Jeremy Jones, Nicole Baty, Josh Green, Avicra Lucky, Aaron Dixon, Zain Dixon, Aja Lujan, Elijah Cage, Hakim Bellamy, and Kamaria Umi shared their experience and responses to recent social uprisings and the long history of systemic racial oppression in the United States.

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Thank you to Jakia Fuller, a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist and long-time GJ member, for allowing us to share your powerful artwork.

Host- Roberta Rael & Kateri Zuni

Assistant Producer- Barbara Ramirez

Social Media Manager- Kyle Gonzales 

Producer- Kateri Zuni 

Executive Producer- Roberta Rael 

Music Selection- Josh Horton & Kamaria Umi