Advisory Council

Generation Justice’s Advisors are a volunteer group of individuals assembled to provide perspective, expertise, planning, advice, and support to Generation Justice. The Advisors will help Generation Justice to fulfill its mission and program objectives. Advisor members may assist Generation Justice staff by serving as a mentor, providing professional research and expertise to strengthen and develop specific areas of the program.
  • Hakim Bellamy – Inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque, New Mexico (2012-2014), Founder & CEO of Beyond Poetry
  • Roberto Chene – Intercultural Communications Consultant
  • Jaelyn DeMaria – Department of Communications and Journalism, UNM
  • Amy Malick – Women’s Empowerment Circle
  • Tara Ford – Pegasus Legal Services for Children
  • Kris Maltrud – Health Planning Associates
  • Jennifer Metzler – ABQ Healthcare for the Homeless
  • Moneka Stevens-Cordova – Health Leadership High School
  • Laurel Wyckoff – New Mexico PBS