e.Woke #20: The High-Tech Deportation Horror Story

Welcome to e.Woke #20!

This week, it was hard to keep up. We talk about digisec in regards to immigrants, neo-nazis, and being a woman. Also, that Sarahah app is downloading your address book! Learn more below.

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Deportation Is Going High-Tech Under Trump

Deportation was already going high-tech under Obama. Under Trump, it’s a horror story. That means more stingrays and drones. As Alvaro mentions, the “surveillance of immigrants has long paved the way for surveillance of everyone.” (via The Atlantic)

This Twitter Bot Tracks Neo-Nazi Bitcoin Transactions

Following the violent white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, the Neo-Nazi website “The Daily Stormer” lost a lot of support. Because of this, a Bitcoin wallet was set up to keep the site up. To show just how much support there is for hate, security researcher John Bambenek created a Twitter bot that tracks all the Bitcoin transactions done to support the site. (via Motherboard)

What Being A Female Hacker Is Really Like

Code has no gender: hackers aren’t always malevolent, pale guys who never go outside. Sometimes they’re incredible women who like to protect people and put unicorns in their code. Check out the benefits of hacking with malware researcher Amanda Rousseau, who is also the founder of fashion-meets-cybersecurity blog VanitySec. (via Teen Vogue)

Hit App Sarahah Quietly Uploads Your Address Book

Users of the app Sarahah thought they’d only be receiving anonymous feedback from friends, but little did they know, the app was taking information from them. The app (which around 18 million people have downloaded) has been taking their phone and email contacts. (via The Intercept)

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