e.Woke #51: Net Neutrality Lives!

Welcome to e.Woke #51: Net Neutrality Lives!

This week had some REALLY good news and some bad news! We talk about everything from Net Neutrality to USB-sniffin’ K9s, so let’s cover our webcams and get right into it! This is e.Woke, your digital twilight zone newsletter.

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In Big Win for Open-Internet Advocates, Senate Votes to Undo 2017 Net Neutrality Repeal

Woohoo! Net neutrality is here to stay (for now)! “the Senate voted 52–47 in favor of a resolution of disapproval that would overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s unpopular 2017 repeal of Net Neutrality protections.” While this is something huge and amazing, the fight is not over, internet warriors. The fate of net neutrality is now in the hands of the House of Representatives.  Here’s what you can do: Contact your state’s representative and explain the importance of net neutrality, or tell Congress to reinstate the Open Internet Order.

(via Free Press / TechSpot / The Washington Post )


Securus firm that lets US Cops track cellphone users has been hacked

Securus getting hacked was as predictable as the sun setting. “Securus has suffered a data breach in which an unknown hacker has stolen its data. The hacker managed to steal login credentials of 2,800 customers including usernames, emails, poorly hashed passwords, phone number, and security questions.” The hacker first reached out to Motherboard and they confirmed that the emails and passwords were legit, but also, how hard could a cop’s password be? “bluelivesmatter123” or “turn0ffBodyCam$” aren’t unbreakable.

(via HackRead / Motherboard / Gizmodo )


Police dog sniffs out USB drive to snare school hacker

The modern world truly feels like a digital twilight zone. Here’s the story of a USB-sniffing’ K-9 named Doug: A high schooler in San Francisco’s bay area sent a phishing email to teachers at his school, asking them to reset their passwords. A teacher actually did it and he was able to use that teacher’s login credentials to change his and other students’ grades. The police got involved and traced an IP address to the student’s house (*cough* newb *cough*). Doug sniffed around the house and found a USB hidden in a tissue box, which is totally not suspicious. Moral of the story is if you choose to mess around with your school’s website, work from a Starbucks and use a Tails drive. (I am kidding! Please do not tamper with grades. It is illegal.)

(via Naked Security / CBS SF Bay Area / Komando)


How Israel promotes cyberbullying of US students

Hm. Yes, that headline is real. “The Israeli government is encouraging its supporters to engage in a cyberbullying campaign against US students after they voted to divest from companies that profit from Israel’s crimes.” This is happening because Israel is using propaganda to make sure that no one is bad mouthing them or supporting Palestinian rights. One of Israel’s tools is the app Act.IL, “The Act.IL app sends users on “missions” to promote Israel’s image, report social media pages and accounts that support Palestinian human rights and harass activists involved in BDS campaigns. It also encourages users to post pro-Israel talking points in the comment sections of online articles, and to harass journalists who they claim are “biased.” (I took a look at the app and it was terrifying!).

(via The Electronic Intifada / YNetnews / Jacobin )


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