A Man Who Fought for Social Justice – Generation Justice

Cesar Chavez was a man who fought for social justice. A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the KUNM Youth Radio project to attend an event in honor of Cesar Chavez. I learned so many interesting facts about a man I only knew by name. Cesar Chavez knew that being a farm worker was hard work and was in pain by the end of his life from the hard labor. He organized a group of farmers and fought for labor rights.

After a march and many protests he helped create the national Farm Workers Association. He was a leader who fought for ordinary people who were trying to make ends meet. At this event I saw many people who came in honor of this leader who all got along and all had a common bond: To remember a man who worked and fought for what was just. After learning about Cesar Chavez, I was glad President Obama Declared a national Cesar Chavez day because people need to remember our great leaders and know the causes they fought for. I am glad I learned about Cesar Chavez and what an inspirational leader he was. I hope we not only remember his name but also remember his legacy for years to come.

by: Victor Torres