ARCA’s Spring Celebration  – Generation Justice

I recently attended ARCA’s spring celebration at La Paloma Greenhouse at 181 E La Entrada Lane in Corrales. The greenhouses were filled with lush plants and radiant blooms. After selecting a few plants, we were given a tour of the surrounding farms and greenhouses. Outside the great white greenhouses we noticed a giant solar panel. ARCA grows only organic foods and, thanks to donations from companies such as PNM, uses only solar energy. In the garden there were varieties of fruit, herbs, vegetables, trees, and even an entire section for garlic.

Our tour guide told us the story of how the land was donated to them by a former Quiznos owner. Inside the other greenhouse, there was wheatgrass everywhere. This is extremely healthy, but kind of gross tasting the product, has become quite popular. The ARCA wheatgrass is purchased mainly by Keva Juice and other companies, but anyone who is willing is quite welcome to donate to the cause. ARCA is a non-profit organization which helps people with developmental disabilities to become active and helpful in their community and enjoy the opportunities. Through the kind donations of many and continued supporters, ARCA has been up and running for 52 years. They are always looking for volunteers to help in the greenhouses, at camp, holiday celebrations, horticulture, home maintenance, cooking, arts and crafts, office work, and landscaping. ARCA can be contacted at (505)332-6700 or So if you’re looking for something to do this summer, please do something good for the community and for yourself and volunteer.

by: Abby Magnus

photo credit: BotheredByBees