“But I Will Never Quit” [Blog] – Generation Justice

Looking through my Facebook, one of my friends was posting articles on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  This was not the first time I ever heard about the conflict, but my friend’s postings brought it back to my attention. As I did more research on my own, I was appalled by the lack of respect for life from both sides. However, I find myself siding with the people of Palestine, because I was angry at the disproportionate distribution of power.  It looks as if Palestine is merely defending itself while Israel is strutting around showing off its military power. They are calling all people from Gaza who fight back terrorist, but how can you be a terrorist if you’re only reacting out of fear?

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If a bully, ten times bigger than me has me cornered

And I finally react with a small attack, then he decides to cut my toes off

Of course I’m going to want to send him to the coroner

Especially if his defense is that it’s my fault

He did it to defend himself and the public likes the call?

Then how is every inch of me not going to want to do whatever I can to the enemy


When it’s my own house

But hey, ok, sure ill share my home

You can have half of it since the gun is pointed at me ill let you stay here and leave you alone

But you took it to far

Marched around my house loud like it all

Belonged to you

Then you stuck me in a room

And you had your parents approve

Consumed you are by your power

Even though it is imaginary

Because in reality

You’re just a mommy’s boy

And the anger your producing is leaving me no choice

You’re like a Zionist, and this room I’m in, the Gaza Strip

You’re fighting because you’re strong

But I will never quit