College Sports – Generation Justice

Why spend so much money on college athletic scholarships and on coaches/players when you could spend that money on education? Why spend almost one million dollars on coaches who only coach half of the year and spend about thirty thousand dollars on professors who teach hundreds of students all year?

I believe that teachers in college should have the right to be paid more than the college coaches. They teach hundreds of students while sports coaches only teach about twenty athletes. It’s ridiculous is what I think it is! All our money is being wasted on all those players when there are people out there who can’t even get an education.

Thousands and maybe millions of kids out there want to be a professional sports player when maybe only one out of a hundred is going to get picked. I am one of those people who want to be a professional basketball player and playing in the NBA; but I know that the chances of getting picked are HARD!

If you get a scholarship in college for a sport and you get injured that’s it. Your scholarship for that year is gone. All that hard work went for nothing. So why are sports more important than education? It shouldn’t be that way, it should be the opposite. Your education is more important. Your knowledge is probably more important than anything else!

Another thing is that those people who use to be athletes and have retired still get paid big money for playing after they have retired. Our money is going to people who use to be pro athletes when it could be going to something else to help the environment or help other people out there who need help. Our economy is so bad right now and we’re just wasting our money like there’s a lot more in the world.

by Bashar Jawad