e.Woke # 85: Contact Tracing is the new Cyberstalking


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As public health quickly becomes the excuse of choice for privacy abuse, we look into contact tracing, digital privacy, and the militarization of preventative measures.


“Police Deploy ‘Pandemic Drone’ to Detect Fevers and Enforce Social Distancing”

I smell drones in the air! When equipment makes its way from the military to the police departments, we know that isn’t good news. According to Matt Novak for Gizmodo, the software advertisement “looks like something out of a sci-fi dystopia.” (Photo from gif by Draganfly Inc./Youtube)

“Can We Track COVID-19 and Protect Privacy at the Same Time”

From physical tracking to contact tracing. We hear more about how digital privacy and COVID-19 intersect in our mobile apps. Sue Halpern for the New Yorker asks, “If, somehow, the technology itself can be made to work well enough, will it make a difference to public health?” (Photograph by Tom Brenner/Reuters)


“Companies’ use of thermal cameras to monitor the health of workers and customers worries civil libertarians”

A rush to keep staff safe could go awry. Some new metal detectors will be temperature-scanning systems, according to Drew Harwell for the Washington Post. Harwell writes, “Some health and labor experts worry the public-health emergency has shoved open the door for unproven surveillance techniques, many of which could post their own risks as millions of Americans head back to work.” (Photo Agustin Marcarian/Reuters)

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