e.Woke # 83: Crossing “Digital Borders”


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This week we look at the dangers of social media moderation and the meaning of fair use in these times of increased sharing across online platforms.


“Republicans Want Twitter to Ban Chinese Communist Party Accounts. That’s a Dangerous Idea.”

Moderation turned silencing? Gabrielle Lim and Joan Donovan of Slate say, “Enforcing such digital borders [on Twitter] would be incredibly difficult, requiring changes that contravene the values of a free and open internet.” (Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Getty Images Plus and Twitter.)

“Sharing Our Common Culture in Uncommon Times”

If we can’t go out physically, then we can go out virtually! Corynne McSherry and Katharine Trendacosta from our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation write, “Users around the U.S. – from individual creators to libraries to educators to community organizers – are rising to the challenge this presents by going online to share information, music, books, and art.” Sometimes, the internet can be a wonderful thing! (Photo by EFF)


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