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Generation Justice Gifts

 ‘Tis the season for giving and receiving! Support Generation Justice’s emerging youth leaders and agents of change by donating today.  With a donation you are eligible to receive a gift or even use your donation gifts to gift others.  Below is a list of gift options and minimum donation amounts:

Minimum Donation for Generation Justice ceramic cup, bracelet and button…… $20
Minimum Donation for a Generation Justice travel mug, bracelet & button…. $30

If your gift needs to be shipped, please include the shipping rates with your donation. Details below. 


Please fill out the form below and  submit your donation through the PayPal. If you have any questions, please contact us: (505) 277-1831 or

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Don’t Forget Your Donation!

If you can’t make a donation today but still want to support Generation Justice, 

go to the Generation Justice store by

clicking here 

to see other ways that you can support our work! 

How to Get Your Gifts: 

There are a few options for picking up your gifts: 

  • PICK-UP: At our office during regular office hours. (KUNM Floor 2–corner of Girard Blvd. and Campus Blvd.)  Let us know you are coming ahead of time and we will run it down to you so you do not have to pay for UNM parking. 🙂  277-1831
  • DELIVERY: Arrange for a GJ member to hand-deliver gifts if you live in the Albuquerque area.
  • SHIPPED: Gifts can be shipped to out-of-Albuquerque donors. Please provide your address when making donation. Please add a flat rate of $12.65 to your donation if you live in the United States.  If you live outside of the United States, please add a flat rate of $30.99 to to your donation.