Dropping In (Blog) – Generation Justice

There are many reasons why students drop out of high school. It can be because of teenage pregnancy, bullying, teen mothers, drug or alcohol abuse, gangs, immigration issues, or no support. All of these issues can be resolved.

I believe that if the school focused on their students more on a personal level more students would succeed. For example the Guidance counselors should provide all the students with the resources they need by providing information for teen mothers with schools that can help them.

I am part of a play called Dropping In. This play is about teenagers who are all facing different problems that affect them in their daily lives, and in school. Some of them drop out because of those problems. There were multiple issues each faced like the ones I already mentioned. My character Bartholomew is a hippie like character that loves the environment and he feels like he has no one to help him graduate. He feels like there is nothing to do since he wasn’t a straight A student so he drops out of school in the end. A major reason for him dropping out was because the counselor was incompetent and did not care for any of his students.

by Arturo Castillo