e.Woke #15: Government spyware, FCC, and How to Steal Mobile Data

Welcome to e.Woke #15!

This week, we are sharing how the FCC is handling all the net neutrality hype last week, a story about “the world’s most invasive mobile spy kit,” and also how hackers impersonate you to steal your data.

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FCC Refuses To Release Text Of More Than 40,000 Net Neutrality Complaints

What does net neutrality mean to more 40,000 people? We may never know. In May of 2017, the National Hispanic Media Coalition filed a Freedom Of information Request so that the FCC would release over 40,000 complaints by customers of multiple ISPs.

(via Ars Technica)

FCC Now Says It Has No Documentation Of DDoS Attack Following John Oliver Net Neutrality Segment

As serious as DDoS attacks are, the FFC must have not found one ‘serious’ enough to document. The FCC has released virtually no official documents proving their claims of a DDoS attack to their website. “At this point even supporters of Ajit Pai’s plan to gut online free speech protections have to be wondering: what is the FCC hiding?”

(via Fight For The Future)

Mexican Journalist Carmen Aristegui Slams Government Spyware Targeting Her Teenage Son

Journalist Carmen Aristegui and her son, Emilio Aristegui Flores, were the victims of malware attacks carried out by the Mexican government. The government targeted Carmen because of her honest journalism. The malware attacks were the result of the government using Pegasus, spyware made from an Israeli-based organization.

(via The Intercept)

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