e.Woke #21: The Surveillance State Is Real, Y’all

Welcome to e.Woke #21!

This was a hard week. For all of our everyday revolutionaries, here are some stories and resources around doxxing, censorship, and how to keep your undocumented friends safe.

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Dreamers’ New Risk After DACA: Personal Data Used Against Them

Reality check: in order to protect our undocumented friends and family, we have to understand the surveillance state. Not only are we worried about stingrays and drones, but this is why we need to think critically about data. Almost a million young immigrants had voluntarily handed the feds their personal information, and now their program is in the process of being dismantled. (via The Guardian)

How Right-Wing Extremists Stalk, Dox, and Harass Their Enemies

An anonymous source infiltrated a Neo-Nazi server and revealed to Unicorn Riot that the server was filled with the names, photos, home addresses, and phone numbers of dozens of anti-fascist activists. Alongside the doxxing materials, the server had multiple chat rooms sharing propaganda and racist memes. (via The Intercept)

Hackers Send Silent Commands To Speech Recognition Systems With Ultrasound

Security researchers in China have found a sneaky way to access smartphones through voice control, using ultrasounds that human ears can’t generally hear. Using this different frequency, commands are given that the phone’s microphone will pick up. The so-called “dolphin attack” has worked on Siri, Google Now, Samsung Voice, Cortana, and Alexa. (via TechCrunch)

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