e.Woke #25: Cyberespionage & Net Neutrality Bots

Welcome to e.Woke #25!

This week, we’re talking data breaches, cyberespionage, and net neutrality bots.  Let’s sort through this week in hacking news:

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All 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Affected in Catastrophic Breach

Remember in 2013 when the so-called “largest known hack of user data” impacted 1 billion Yahoo users? Well, it’s been confirmed it was a breach of all 3 billion accounts.The only thing more surprising than the fact that no extremely-sensitive information was stolen, is the fact that 3 billion people still used Yahoo. (via Gizmodo)

Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on U.S. Cyber Defense

You might have heard about how the U.S. had banned the use of Russian-based Kaspersky Lab software because of cyberespionage: well, now it’s been revealed that Russian hackers stole NSA data about US cyber defense. (via The Washington Post)

More Than 80% Of All Net Neutrality Comments Were Sent By Bots, Researchers Say

Humans love the free and open Internet, but according to over 1 million comments opposing Title II, bots HATE net neutrality. It was recently revealed that over 95% of comments submitted to the FCC were sent by bots – most likely used by telecom companies. The Internet is a human right, so that must be why bots and companies are so against it. (via Motherboard)

We’re All Connected Now, So Why Is The Internet So White and Western?

For the first time in history, we are creating a truly global and accessible communication network,” so why is it so problematic? Mark Graham and Anasuya Sengupta break down how the internet can be one of the most powerful tools in existence “to challenge the biases of our physical world.” (via The Guardian)

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