e.Woke #33: FCC, Corporate Cronies

Welcome to e.Woke #33!

This week, we talk about how the FCC is the literal headquarters of corporate cronies, how to keep up the fight for a free and open net, and express our love and admiration for Commissioner Clyburn and Commissioner Rosenworcel.

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The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality—Now What?

We petitioned, prayed, fought, and did everything in our power to protect Net Neutrality… yet, the the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal Net Neutrality. After all the protests, comments, and calling Congress, the only question we have is “now what?” What can we do to fix this mistake? The most important thing we can do is keep the fight going! Stay angry! Keep fighting and challenge the FCC so they can see the mess that they’ve caused. The next steps are legal action. Sue The FCC. Take them to court. “All of those actions are going to be more important now than ever to make it completely clear to elected officials that net neutrality is important, and Americans aren’t going to let this go.” (via Motherboard)


FCC Commissioner Holds Nothing Back in Scathing Dissent from Net Neutrality Repeal Vote

“We will be in a world where regulatory substance fades to black, and all that is left is a broadband providers’ toothy grin and those oh-so-comforting words: we have every incentive to do the right thing. What they will soon have is every incentive to do their own thing.” Commissioner Clyburn came for the Republicans AND their families. Clyburn said what we were all thinking, and delivered it with fire. Clyburn really put the burn in Clyburn. (via GQ)

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