e.Woke #36: Burgers With A Side of Malware

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The internet does not rest, so there’s always something new happening. Stay updated with us! This e.Woke is all about algorithms, whoppers, and malware!

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Burger King made a surprisingly good ad about net neutrality

I never thought I’d see the day that a fast-food company educates their customers on net neutrality..it’s awesome. Burger King recently released a video where they explained net neutrality through Whoppers. When customers had to pay more to get their Whopper faster, they got angry. It’s understandable though! Who wants to pay more to make something go faster? (*cough* FCC *cough*). By the end of their Whopper Neutrality experience, they left with more understanding about the importance of Net Neutrality. (you can check out the video here: Burger King | Whopper Neutrality )

(via The Verge / The New York Times / Motherboard)


Artificial Intelligence Is Racist Yet Computer Algorithms Are Deciding Who Goes To Prison

It’s hard to be excited for the future when it feels like we are stuck in the past. Algorithms are fascinating, but they’re also harmful. They decide what kind posts you’ll see on FaceBook or if you’ll be given a fair trial. “If we are admitting that policing and criminal justice has been racist for centuries, then the data is too.”. The collection of data has been important to court cases, but not all of the data collected is important. Someone’s race or community shouldn’t matter to their penalty, but because of racist algorithms, they do.

(via Newsweek / The Verge / The Verge)


Florida Cop Bought Powerful Phone Malware That Can Intercept Emails and WhatsApp

Will we ever stop seeing headlines starting with “Florida Man” or “Florida Cop”? A Florida cop purchased FlexiSpy, a piece of software that can “intercept social media messages, emails, and much more.”. This is the first known case of an officer doing this, but using surveillance strategies certainly isn’t.

(via Motherboard / CyberTalk / SC Media)


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