e.Woke #37: Artificial Intelligence Won’t Kill Us, Right?

Welcome to e.Woke #37: Artificial Intelligence Won’t Kill Us, Right?

It’s been an interesting week IRL and online. The FCC continues to try to be seen as anything but a villain, encryption proves useless if people can see over your shoulder, and the Google CEO isn’t terrified of AIs. This is e.Woke!

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The FCC Hopes its Empty Dedication to Rural Broadband Will Make You Forget it Killed Net Neutrality

A corporation controlled, privatized Internet is better than no internet according to Ajit Pai! Pai’s new goal is the provide adequate broadband to those who don’t have it. “The overall goal is to frame net neutrality as a fringe issue favored by the Hollywood elite, while suggesting the FCC’s hard at work tackling the real problem: rural broadband availability.”. I don’t think those without internet will have much use for it once Net Neutrality is gone, though. *mic drop*

(via Motherboard / FCC / DSL Reports)


Politician Accidentally Doxes His Old Boss By Reading Encrypted Signal Messages in Front of a Bunch of Cameras

“All the encryption in the world is not going to help if someone can read over your shoulder.”. As an active Signal user, this is my greatest fear. Catalan president Carles Puigdemont was recently doxxed after having private messages from Signal released to the public. “This incident is a good reminder that just using a certain technology—no matter how secure it is—won’t save you if there are prying eyes all around you.”.

(via Motherboard / The Telegraph / The Spain Report )


Google CEO Says AI Is ‘More Profound Than, I Dunno, Electricity or Fire’

Will an AI provide me with light? Will an AI keep me warm on a cold December night? Because according to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, that doesn’t matter! At a Recode- and NBC-sponsored town hall event, Pichai talked about AIs and how profound they are. when moderator Kara Swisher said, “Fire? Fire is pretty good.” Pichai responded by saying that fire kills people. I mean, an AI won’t kill us, right? Just enslave us and lead us into a Dystopian future.

(via Gizmodo / The Verge / CNBC)


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