e.Woke #38: Killing Net Neutrality Made Everything “Better”

Welcome to e.Woke #38: Killing Net Neutrality Made Everything “Better”

We haven’t forgotten about net neutrality. We haven’t forgiven Pai. This e.Woke is all about the FCC and what they’ve been up to lately. Let’s get right into it!

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FCC Report Claims the Broken Broadband Market Has Been Magically Fixed By Killing Net Neutrality

When will the lies stop?! And when will I have to stop writing about what the FCC ruined during the work week?! They’re back at it again. The FCC recently released a report that was full of lies, such as “advanced telecommunications capability is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion”. Although the report was untruthful, it did prove one thing: we were better off before Pai took office.  

(via Motherboard / DSL Reports / Ars Technica )


FCC Says Releasing ‘Jokes’ It Wrote About Ajit Pai Colluding With Verizon Would ‘Harm’ Agency

There is no doubt about Ajit Pai’s loyalty to Verizon. He will go to the ends of the Earth to keep them safe from any possible backlash! Example: “the Federal Communications Commission has chosen to block the release of records related to a video produced last year in which FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and a Verizon executive joke about installing a “Verizon puppet” as head of the FCC.”. I mean, why make the jokes in the first place if you know they’re not funny? *tsk tsk*

(via Gizmodo / HuffPost / CNET )


Brave YouTuber installs literal fast and slow lanes for traffic outside the FCC’s headquarters

“When people block lanes, they should be told to stop.” say it louder for the ones *cough* Pai *cough* in the back! YouTuber Rob Bliss annoyed A LOT of people, but proved a point by installing literal fast and slow lanes for traffic outside the FCC’s headquarters. Although people got mad and cops showed up, Bliss made his point, even if people didn’t like it: paid prioritization is bad.

(via The Verge / DailyDot / Gizmodo )


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