e.Woke #39: Put That In Your Reese’s Mug And Drink It

Welcome to e.Woke #39: Put That In Your Reese’s Mug And Drink It

This week, we see Pai’s destructive reign catch up with him, dating sites that don’t ask about your hobbies, and the “Olympic Destroyer”. This is your digital twilight zone newsletter. This is e.Woke!

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FCC Boss Ajit Pai’s Own Agency Is Investigating Him For Potential Corruption

“Is Ajit Pai corrupt?”, a question that we already know the answer to. “For months I have been trying to get to the bottom of the allegations about Chairman Pai’s relationship with Sinclair Broadcasting,” said Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. during a statement. I mean, the guy wanted to kill net neutrality and drinks out of an obnoxiously large mug, so I imagine being a corporate puppet isn’t below him.

(via Motherboard / Ars Technica / Gizmodo )


People Are Actually Using a Joke Dating Site That Matches People Based on Their Passwords

When looks or personality aren’t good enough, find your significant other by your password choices! “Despite weekly data breaches, humans still suck at picking decent passwords.”, and because of that,

Krzysztof Zając was able to create a dating site that matches you with people who have the same password. Although the site started as joke, it does work! Now, who else has a 52-random-character password in Hangul? *eye emojis*

(via Motherboard / Naked Security / Shortlist )


PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Disrupted by Malware Attack

Some hackers hack for good, and some hackers just want to watch the world burn! (get it? Like the Olympic Flame?) The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics experienced “the collapse of Wi-Fi in the Pyeongchang Olympic stadium and the failure of televisions and internet at the main press center, leaving attendees unable to print their tickets for events or get venue information.”. It was a full 12 hours before the network was restored. Also, the malware is being called “Olympic Destroyer“, which is kind of cool.

(via The Hacker News / Mashable / The New York Times )


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