e.Woke #41: Equifax: With a Vengeance

Welcome to e.Woke #41: Equifax: With a Vengeance

It’s been quite a week for the Digisec world! A lot has happened and we’re here to help you catch up with everything that has happened this week. From data breaches to the fight to protect net neutrality, we got you! Let’s get right into it!

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Equifax reveals additional 2.4 million users impacted from 2017 breach

Can it get any worse? YES. It was recently revealed that it wasn’t just 143 million Americans whose data was stolen in the Equifax data breach last year…it was 145.4 million. That’s 2.4 million more people whose names, date of birth, addresses, email addresses, social security numbers (SSN), driver license numbers, license state, date of issue of those licenses, tax identification numbers and credit card data have been stolen. Was your information stolen? Find out here

(via HackRead / NPR / The Washington Post )


Facebook to reintroduce controversial facial tagging feature in Europe

Facebook, you’re starting to get creepy, not cool. Facebook has just reintroduced “facial tagging”, which “will allow users to find photos they haven’t been tagged in and to get alerts when a stranger uses their photo as their profile picture-”. Sounds pretty cool and helpful, right? That’s what everyone thinks before they realize that their face may become data in a government biometric gathering system. (btw here’s how you can disable it!)

(via The Inquirer / Siliconrepublic / Gizmodo )


Democrats Officially Introduce Bills to Restore Net Neutrality

During a rally outside the capital, Senator Ron Wyden said “We intend to keep fighting until real net neutrality is the law of the land.”. If there were a superhero who fought for net neutrality, that would their catchphrase. Now that the FCC has officially published its net neutrality repeal, Democrats have introduced two bills to try to save net neutrality. Although both bills have support from senators and representatives, it’s not enough to be passed. “Whether Democrats truly believe the bills have a chance of passing, if either or both bills fail, they will still achieve their broader goal: to cement net neutrality as an election issue ahead of this fall’s midterms.”

(via Motherboard / Politico / Futurism )


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