e.Woke #43: Privacy Please!

Welcome to e.Woke #43: Privacy Please!

Welcome to e.Woke #43! This week, we see the ACLU come through once again, a bill that invades privacy, and the FBI change their opinions on people in tech! Don’t forget that privacy only works when we ALL work together.

Privacy only works when we work together,
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ACLU is Suing the Government for Info About TSA Device Searches

ACLU to the rescue! (again). The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Northern California (ACLU) announced that they filed a FOIA lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to get more information on the policies of screening domestic passengers’ electronic devices. Vasudha Talla of the ACLU has said  “We don’t know why the government is singling out some passengers, and we don’t know what exactly TSA is searching on the devices. Our phones and laptops contain very personal information, and the federal government should not be digging through our digital data without a warrant.”. TSA has not released any documents regarding this.

(via Motherboard / Ars Technica / ACLU )

A New Backdoor Around the Fourth Amendment: The CLOUD Act

Never trust the CLOUD! Right now, a new bill is being proposed that allows a “backdoor” into our personal, digital lives. “This backdoor is an insidious method for accessing our emails, our chat logs, our online videos and photos, and our private moments shared online between one another.” The CLOUD Act would be a total invasion of privacy and abuse of power. 23 groups, including EFF, oppose this act.

(via EFF / Gizmodo / The Parallax )


FBI: we don’t want a backdoor; we just want you to break encryption

The definition of Encryption is literally “the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot.”, but I guess to the FBI, encryption means “something to be broken.”. Even though people in tech have been called “a bunch of jerks and evil geniuses” by FBI forensic expert Stephen Flatley, FBI Director Christopher Wray seems to think they’re the “brightest minds doing and creating fantastic things.” Is he just a nice guy, or is he trying to get into data he’s not meant to?

(via Naked Security / FBI / Ars Technica)

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