e.Woke #53: Jinx! You Owe Me $200.

Welcome to e.Woke #53: Jinx! You Owe Me $200.

The ‘Yikes!’ factor was high this week, but we got your back with the latest digital security tips! In this e.Woke we talk data breaches, government cybersecurity, and Ajit Pai’s infamous mug. Let’s get right into it! This is e.Woke, your digital twilight zone newsletter!

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Coca-Cola breach: ex-employee stole hard drive with 8,000 workers’ data

America’s beverage has been breached! In September of last year, “the company was informed by law enforcement authorities that a former employee at a Coca-Cola subsidiary was found in possession of a hard drive appeared to have been misappropriated from Coca-Cola.” Law enforcement encouraged Coca-Cola to not announce this publicly due to the investigation not being over. Since then, the investigation has been concluded and Coca-Cola has apologized to their workers.

(via HackRead / Threatpost / Infosecurity Magazine )


The Bleak State Of Federal Government Cybersecurity

So…our government isn’t necessarily as secure as it should be. In a report from the White House’s Office of Management, it was said that “Federal agencies do not have the visibility into their networks to effectively detect data exfiltration attempts and respond to cybersecurity incidents,”. Honestly, it’s as unnerving as it sounds. “”My initial gut feeling about the report was ‘oh good they’re paying attention and starting to address these issues,'” says Alex Heid, chief research officer at the risk management firm SecurityScorecard, which tracks cybersecurity preparedness across the government and other sectors. “But the findings really highlight the blind spots. There’s still a long way to go because it’s such a massive problem and there has not been any real accountability.” I mean, our president also ignores security precautions regarding his phone so, let’s keep that in mind. *eye emojis*

(via Wired / Gizmodo / The White House )


The FCC Wants $200 to Release Emails About Ajit Pai’s Giant Reese’s Mug

The FCC probably found Ajit Pai’s Reese’s mug as funny as we all did, otherwise they wouldn’t be asking for $200 to release internal emails about it! “when Taylor Amarel, a frequent FOIA-filer who secured the release of Pai’s calendar earlier this year, requested all of Pai’s executive assistant’s emails that included terms such as “reeses“, “mug“, or “Reese’s,” the FCC pushed back.” This is the first time the FCC has asked for this much for emails. Maybe they aren’t being secretive, but rather, they’re just going through some hard times. 🙁

(via Motherboard )


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