e.Woke #55: Doxxing: Right or Wrong?

Welcome to e.Woke #55: Doxxing: Right or Wrong?

This week, we focus on recent news regarding ICE and hacking. Also, be sure to check out our Digital Security Tips, Resources, and Guides section at the bottom! There’s a lot you can do to protect yourself in the Cyberworld. This is e.Woke, your digital twilight zone newsletter. Let’s jump right in!

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Traffic sign near ICE headquarters hacked with “Abolish ICE” message    

Image credit: Marilyn Deutsch ‏(Twitter)

Sometimes, it’s the little things that give you hope: a puppy helping a cat out of a pool, students buying their teacher shoes, or a hacker using their skills to send a message to ICE. “to express their anger at ICE, someone hacked a traffic sign in Southwest Portland and defaced it with an “Abolish ICE” message.”. It’s getting easier to hack traffic signs so it’s likely that we will see this happen again.  

(via HackRead / Marilyn Deutsch )



This Programmer Scraped LinkedIn to Find People Who Work at ICE

When I see the news or read an article about the family separations happening at the border, I ask myself “Who could do something like this?” and a New York-based artist just gave us the answer. “Sam Lavigne, a New York-based artist and programmer, published a dataset of the LinkedIn profiles of 1,595 people who self-identified on the site as working for ICE. The data is available on the collaborative coding website GitHub. The data was collected using web scraping techniques, and can be browsed through an online interface or downloaded to explore in depth.” While doxxing might not always be the way to go, at least we know who has “deportation of criminal and non-criminal aliens” in their past work experiences.

(via Motherboard / Naked Security / The Daily Caller )


How strategic is Chicago’s “Strategic Subjects List”? Upturn investigates.

Do you remember that “Black Mirror” episode where people were rated on their personality and how much people liked them? Chicago is doing something similar, but scarier. It’s called The Strategic Subjects List and it is supposed to “rank individuals with a criminal record according to their probability of being involved in a shooting or murder, either as a victim or an offender.” This is predictive policing and it’s terrifying.  

(via Medium / Chicago City Wire / The Crime Report )


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