e.Woke #56: Going The Wrong Way

Welcome to e.Woke #56: Going The Wrong Way

Hey everyone! Because of the current political climate, this e.Woke is little more serious than usual. The main focus of this week’s e.Woke is the kids. Also, be sure to check out all the different ways to protect yourself on the Web in our Digital Security Tips, Resources, and Guides section at the bottom.

“Generation Justice stands against the separation of families at the border. GJ recognizes the intentional and impactful trauma inflicted upon indigenous and brown people at the hands of ICE and this administration.”

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ICE Modified Its ‘Risk Assessment’ Software So It Automatically Recommends Detention

Imagine trying to get into a different country for a better life but getting caught and having your future chosen by software. That’s what’s happening: “Since 2013, ICE has relied on a computerized Risk Classification Assessment that uses statistics to determine whether the immigrant should be released, and if so, on what on what bond amount.” This software was recently modified by ICE to always choose Detention, even if the person has no criminal history. “last year ICE changed the risk assessment software so that it always recommends detention for apprehended immigrants to conform to Trump’s “zero tolerance” stance on illegal immigration.”. I have zero tolerance for this cruelty and only have one thing to say: Abolish ICE.

(via Motherboard / Above The Law / Daily Dot )


School facial recognition system sparks privacy concerns

A student’s only concern should be their grades, not how their data is being taken and used. “Lockport City School District (LCSD) is buying facial and object recognition software to pinpoint dangerous people and objects, including guns. The district wants to be a model of security, but it has privacy and civil rights advocates up in arms.” While I agree that students’ safety is the priority, surveillance and facial recognition isn’t always the way to go. School surveillance has always been a problematic issue, but due to our current political climate, I imagine that it’ll only grow bigger.

(via Naked Security / Futurism / The Intercept )


DNA Testing Might Help Reunite Families Separated By Trump. But It Could Create A Privacy Night.

This is either incredibly kind or incredibly scary. “In light of the humanitarian tragedy that has taken place, in which children have been separated from their parents, we have decided to rise to the challenge and take the lead in helping these families,” Gilad Japhet, founder and CEO of MyHeritage, said in a press statement.”. DNA testing sites such as “MyHeritage” and “23andMe” have offered their “DNA Testing Kits” for free to immigrants who have been separated from their families. I want all of these families to be reunited more than anything right now,  but the DNA test data could potentially harm these families in the future.

(via The Intercept / CNBC / National Geographic )


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