e.Woke #57: The Creature From The Dark Web

Welcome to e.Woke #57: The Creature From The Dark Web

We’re back! This e.Woke is about facial recognition used in airports, police hacking into phones, and hiding software underneath your bed! Yes, it is a lot weirder than it sounds. Also, we have some exciting news below! Be sure to check it out. Let’s get e.Woke! (also, there are great tips in our Digital Security Tips, Resources, and Guides section below!)

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Exciting news!

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Cops May Unlock iPhones Without a Warrant to Beat Apple’s New Security Feature

Are state police able to do what the FBI can’t? “In another leaked email, a forensic expert suggested an attorney should have no issue arguing for exigent circumstances to connect a seized device to a GrayKey within the first hour. Typically, law enforcement would need to obtain a warrant before they cracked open a phone and pulled its data with an unlocking device such as GrayKey or Cellebrite’s iPhone service. But here, as this email suggests, a police officer may unlock a phone and preserve the data without a warrant, and then follow up with legal authorization to then start digging through that data later.” Police have always had problems after going through someone’s (dead or in custody) phone, but now it’s become something that “just happens”. We will be following this series by Motherboard.

(via Motherboard / Forbes )


Employee allegedly stole government spyware and hid it under his bed

Some people hide their dairies or money underneath their beds, some people hide stolen government spyware. A former programmer for the Israeli company “NSO Company” stole a product codenamed “Pegasus” that “enables governments to send a personalized text message with an infected link to a blank page. Click on it, whether it be on an iOS or Android phone, and the software gains full control over the targeted device, monitoring all messaging, contacts and calendars, and possibly even turning on microphones and cameras for surveillance purposes.” Forget the Boogeyman, I’m scared of Pegasus.

(via Naked Security / The Hacker News / Motherboard )


Sydney Airport Kicks Off Test to Replace IDs With Facial Recognition

Is not having to take your ID out at the airport worth having your facial data saved at some airport? An airport in Sydney thinks so! “In a statement supplied to CNBC, the airport’s CEO, Geoff Culbert, said, “In the future, there will be no more juggling passports and bags at check-in and digging through pockets or smartphones to show your boarding pass.”…I think I’ll stick with taking my ID out instead. Yikes.

(via Gizmodo / Australian Financial Review / CNET )

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