Education in My Community – Generation Justice

Education is very important, not just in our community but worldwide. Many believe they are going to have a good education, many want to have a great education, but there are several reasons that not all do.

I believe that education is a doorway to success. Most of us probably believe that. But when kids in our community are unable to reach that high level of education it’s always sad.

Two reasons why a lot of our kids do not go beyond high school are because of their lack of money (poverty) and their immigration status. By that, I mean that most undocumented students don’t have the right to apply to many scholarships. Many of them lose hope when they learn they can’t apply because of their immigration status. I believe that is one of the main reasons education fails these youth.

I believe that nothing is impossible, that there’s always a way to do things. But our problem is that many of these undocumented students are failed by a poor system and because of rumors they hear about immigrants not being able to do anything in life or through education. Hearing those rumors distracts those students from achieving their goals.

At my school, South Valley Academy, some of my classmates feel that “immigrants can’t do anything” pressure. They feel like they can’t apply to scholarships, and they’re discouraged from doing it anyway. But most of my classmates don’t give up.

In my opinion, education in our community is crucial. It’s important because we need more kids to be successful in our community and crucial because a lot of our undocumented students don’t have the right to a great education, and that’s what makes them fail. The education system needs to change.



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