Generation Justice: Our Favorite Moments – Generation Justice

“I got to watch Victor live out one of his life dreams, to share his experiences and to motivate the rest of us to think higher, do better and be grateful for our lives. Thank You Victor!” – Roberta Rael

“Victor delivered a beautiful speech to over 300 young people from New Mexico and received a standing ovation. Twitter was blowing up with praise and love for him!” – Melissa Harris

“I will always be thankful for this experience. It was not only my top moment of the year, it was a defining moment in my life. As I end this year and begin the new year, I hope everyone will join me in always coming from a place of love, because it does make all the difference!” – Victor Torres 

“I’m honored to work with them and hope that the experience of the fellowship gives back to them as much as we at Generation Justice get from their presence.” – Rashad Mahmood

“Pauly Denetclaw and Jason Fuller, our first year fellows are both so committed, dedicated, hard working, interesting and appreciative of this opportunity that it is really a blessing to work with them each week. Absolutely the best move ever to develop this fellowship. Thanks to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for making this dream come true!”  – Roberta Rael 

“Our fellows are just AWESOME!!! I love working with them!” – Melissa Harris

“Towards the end of the project, the whole subject of Mental Illness and the stigma associated with it really began to impact me and I feel that the passion of the youth that we interviewed really came through in the finished product.” – Alden Bruce

“It was put together so well and I know of all the heart and dedication that was put into the production.” – Georgia Ruden

“I’m not going to lie, I teared up when the students went from talking about suicide attempts and depression to sharing about their support networks and how they survived and made peace with their issues.” – Rashad Mahmood

“Not only was it great to see two previous youth producers come back, but their impact was felt in every aspect of our work: from radio, to trainings, to blogging, and more. They must both still relive and practice their Youth Radio days during their down time, because neither one of them missed a step on mic or with interviews.” – George Luna-Peña

“Having Jonquilyn Hill come back and work with us this summer was so much fun…She has always been a deep thinker and a joyful presence…Lucia’s Social Justice and Spirituality series was so well done and really helped me to think more about my work and my life.” – Roberta Rael 

“This show will stay in my memory forever because of its strong content, powerful personalities and applicability to what I want to do with my life. Interviewing Malkia Cyril left me thirsting for more knowledge. Hearing professor Sutt Jhally’s point of view on the marriage between advertising and media literacy was like hearing “the Moses” of media literacy speak to societies addiction. Having Andrea Quijada speak so passionately of her dedication to the movement was evidence that sacrifice is needed in order to thrive. And lastly, Adrianne Barboa’s local perspective on media literacy made for a phenomenal experience. It felt like I was in church.” – Jason Fuller

“It was really nice to see everyone together and to see all the love and support for Generation Justice in one room. It was really neat to have a specific room set up to show our videos and to sit with people who hadn’t seen our videos and view their reactions.” – Georgia Ruden

“I’m not sure if we’ve ever had that many people that care so deeply about Generation Justice under one roof, and it was just a FUN time. We watched videos, we broke bread (cake, really), we listened to some incredible spoken word, we shared stories and hugs, and we took silly pictures.” – George Luna-Peña

“During my schooling I was denied information about Nelson Mandela and the South African apartheid. I was never taught this history, but thanks to Generation Justice I was encouraged to research this horrendous time in history. Now I have a sincere respect for Madiba and all that he stood for.” – Pauly Denetclaw

“In addition to informing our listeners of Mandela’s legacy, we dove into the educational labyrinth that is our country and it’s reasoning for under-educating young people. From this show, I believe that music and its under appreciation in revolutionary movements will change.” – Jason Fuller