Get Your Voice Heard, Vote! – Generation Justice

On October 4, 2010 I registered to vote. I think it is important to vote because we as people of the United States have that right and freedom, and it is good to speak our mind and express ourselves.  If we don’t take action, who will? It is our country and we have a right to elect our officials.  And we should take it seriously. I know I registered because I want to let my voice be heard and I want to be active in selecting our public official. Some people do not have the right to vote for a number of reasons such as not being a legal citizen or not the being of the required age.  So that’s why I don’t take it for granted and consider the candidates with much thought and consideration.

I chose to register to vote for this election because this is a crucial time for our state and our nation with issues like education reform, immigration reform, and economic reform. During this critical time we did need the best ideas with the best leaders bringing the ideas forward. Being not able to vote does not have to mean people have to stay quiet. They can, and I, encourage people to speak what is on their mind! This is our sate and country and we deserve the best in the greatest and most free country in the world! Although the best does not come magically, we still have the power and chance to make the best possible but that requires us to speak up about issues facing our community so that we can create the change we want and need to see! So this election and in future elections I want to ask everyone to please speak your vote it does make all the difference!

by: Victor Torres