Home visiting can be a really good program for parents, but many people don’t know what it is. The home visiting program sends someone to your house to give you tips on how to raise and take care of your baby. This a really good program especially for parents who don’t have anybody to go to for help with caring for a child. Imagine how you would feel if you had a baby coming and felt like you did not have enough income and did not have any idea how to care for a baby. In this case, home visiting would be for you!

These home visits are really important for our state. They are really important to our state because we are the 49th state in child well-being. We are ranked among one of the worst states to be a child. Here in New Mexico, we are being ranked worst in US poverty as well. So we are in the most poorest state and the worst state to be a child in. These home visits could improve our state rank in child well-being.

But even though this program is really helpful, there is not enough funding for it. We should fund home visiting programs because we can all benefit from them, whether or not we are parents. This program benefits all because our babies are the future of tomorrow. But, for them to be able to have a bright future they need to be healthy. So, if parents don’t have any experience being a parent, it can be hard for them to make sure their children are developing in a healthy way. These children deserve to be raised right and parents deserve to have help! Home visiting can give parents the support they need to be the best parents they can, no matter what their circumstances are.

The benefits of these home visits for pregnant women are really good. If you’re a pregnant mom you can contact a home visiting program. They will come to your house and give you tips on to how to stay healthy during your pregnancy. The home visitor can help you schedule regular doctor visits, make a better diet for you and the baby, and reduce some of the stress you have. Parents who contact these home visits and follow the tips have children who are half as likely to be born with low birth weight. This reduces the baby’s risk for health and developmental problems.

Home visiting also helps parents prepare their children for school. Home visiting programs have demonstrated long-term positive impacts on children’s academic achievements. Also the children will be safer with these home visits. Children whose families participated in home visiting programs have had 40 percent fewer injuries between the ages of two and four, and they were 35 percent less likely to visit the emergency room compared to the children who are not enrolled.

In my opinion every parent should have the opportunity to use these amazing programs that have helped a lot of people. We need to invest more money in creating more home visiting programs and making sure families know these programs are available. No child deserves to have poor development and no parent should have to struggle to raise a child on their own.

So how would home visits help with this? These home visits will have a great impact on our state because it will help us get a higher rank in our state in child well-being and raising your child right will all the possible resources you could get your child can have a really good future. At the end the babies of today are our future of tomorrow.


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