Today I saw three kids playing in the park, they seemed happy, until someone picked them up. In the car were a mother and father. The father was drunk, the mother abused, and their children were scared to death of being picked up. On the other hand another family drove up, just the same but yet different, a lot different, a mother who cared, a father who was protective, and children that were happy as ever.

The three children looked at this family only dreaming to have a better life with a caring mother, a protective father, and their happiness. To them that reality is only a dream. From Shandon Endito: ” I was one of those kids, I was abused by my mother and father. They would always drink everyday. When they would come back they would call me names that were awful, treated me like I was nothing, and hit me a lot. I would always dream of having a family that cared, protected me, and a family that was happy. I was lucky because my mother and father stopped drinking. They started going to church. Now we are a happy and wonderful family that I always dreamt of.”

What I want to say to the kids that are getting abused by their family members is that don’t give up hope, keep having hope, and do something about it. Tell a family member you trust or an adult, or the police. Here are some numbers to call and remember don’t be afraid to call or say something about it.

Haven House Inc Dv Shelter – (505) 896-4869
New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence – (505) 246-9240
Coalition To Stop Violence – (505) 243-9199
S.A.F.E. House – (505) 247-4219
Or go to for more information and remember don’t be afraid to call.

by: Wykera J. Skidmore