Letter to Barbara Petersen, APS School Board Member – Generation Justice

Dear Barbara Petersen,

My name is Luzero Velasquez. I am sixteen, a Junior at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School. I understand that you’re an Albuquerque School Board member focused on Equity and Engagement. I come to you as a concerned and frustrated student.

I am disturbed by the idea that Superintendent Luis Valentino repeatedly ignored the standard background check procedure. That a man with multiple charges could work near children. Then to know that Superintendent Valentino put Don Moya on leave for questioning a deal made under Jason Martinez. I trust that you will fire Valentino!

Being familiar with community engagement and advocating for homeless youth, the most important thing I could do is listen to the people. Please bring Equity and Equality to our education system!

As a youth of color, my opinion and voice is not taken seriously. One day, I hope to change the stereotypes on youth, but until then I plead you to change what you can.


Luzero Velasquez



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