Living Their Dreams [Blog] – Generation Justice

High school drop out is a big deal in the United States. It’s especially a big deal here in New Mexico where only 54% of students are graduating from high school, which is below the national graduation average of 71%.  I think there are many reasons on why students drop out. I believe that family issues, schools, teachers, and racism, all affect students dropping out.

Students may drop out from lack of support from their friends, family, and teachers. They may feel that if there is no support why should they put out an effort and try, especially if they are having a hard time in school. Another reason students might drop out is falling into their family’s footsteps. Many of them tend to do this because they might think that it’s okay to drop out.

Students may also drop out because of the school they are attending, or because of bullying. If the school has a bad education and isn’t providing the right education, then students might fail. Another issue that may be a factor in students dropping out is bullying because they might not be able to handle it.

I think that us as a community need to try to get a the word out on the affects of dropouts because its sad knowing that 77 students dropout everyday. These students who have dropped out could grow up, be something, and live their dreams.

by: Ghadah Abdeljawad