Moving Towards Freedom, Justice, and Equality – Generation Justice

To stand is to stop and remain motionless, to stay steady on my feet.
For me, standing is not an option as oppression of people and land come in full force day by day.

So I move, I move with humanity and love.
I move with the young girls lifting their heads up high and not letting patriarchy control them.
I move with the young queers loving whomever they want, but first and foremost loving themselves.
I move with the young indigenous kid defending himself from the colonizers with only a slingshot in his hand.
I move with the young child surpassing invisible borders fleeing for safety in hopes for a better future.
I move with the women taking control of their own bodies, not letting men in suits have a say.
I move with the wind breezing away from the man-made pollution spewing toxicity throughout the air.  
I move with the those who don’t let a disability get them down and move toward making a more accessible world.

I move for the old and wise trees being ripped by their roots for the expansion of poisonous capitalism.
I move for the South Side Chicago and East Oakland teen dodging bullets walking to and from school; and fighting poverty at the same time.
I move for the Emmitt Tills’, the Trayvon Martins’, the Renisha McBrides’ of the world, murdered by white supremacy.
I move for the Oscar Grants’, the James Boyds’, the Alan Gomezes’, the Michael Browns’ who never lived to see the next day because they were killed by those who claim to serve and protect us.
I move for those unrightfully kidnapped and thrown in the prison system because of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia; because the prison industrial complex wants to make profit off of modern day slavery.
I move for the mothers and fathers unable to shield their children from violence and trauma.
I move for my ancestors who moved for me.
I move for the change I’d like to see in the world.

I move to shake the system of oppression at it’s core; to interrupt structural violence wreaking havoc on this earth.
I move to rid white supremacy and racism from the powerful institutions that are supposed to serve us under equality.
I move to dismantle patriarchy in all it’s forms to free brothers and sisters from it’s barbaric expectations.
I move to decolonize the minds of the youth whose cultures and traditions have been ripped away from them.
I move to fight against all forms of oppression with a mass of people who move for and with the same ideas.
I move to encourage each individual to bring their message so that we can build a movement.

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