e.Woke #82: Privacy in the Pandemic

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Stay home, but stay secure. We hear from some of our friends who have been fighting the good fight during this pandemic. From encrypted messaging apps to video conferencing alternatives, we got you. Build community and safety with e.Woke.


“Protecting Privacy in the Age of Coronavirus: Digital Tools for Nonprofits”

Find your alternative! Our friend, Alfredo Lopez, wrote this helpful guide for Nonprofit Quarterly on how nonprofits can stay connected and stay home. “If we’re going to develop real alternatives that meet our needs and protect our privacy, we have to approach this as a community: use it and evaluate it.” Well said, Alfredo! To read more from Alfredo, check out his book, “Goodies from the Yum Yum Tree: The Internet and Revolution In the Final Days of Capitalism,” on tech and revolution! (Image by Namgig / CC BY-SA)


“Taking private photos with Signal”

Protect your virtual self! Martin Shelton, wrote this guide on how to install and use the encrypted messaging app, Signal, with Freedom of the Press Foundation. Martin writes, “Signal looks and feels like your ordinary text messaging app, but how it protects messages and media in the background is different.” Same feel, new vibe! (Photo by Freedom of the Press Foundation)

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Downloading Signal and protecting my privacy like

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