e.Woke #77: Privacy Pillagers


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Privacy rights and Capitalism go head to head, but money never fights fair. Whether you’re organizing your emails or recording your menstrual cycles, always look behind the curtain. Arm yourself with knowledge and fight back with us this issue!

“This girls-only app uses AI to screen a user’s gender–what could go wrong?”

Never worry about online sexual harassment again (just privacy violations and blatant transphobia). Giggle, a social app for “girls only,” is meant to sound like a safe haven for women but their verification process falls way short. Zoe Schiffer from The Verge reports, “to sign up, users have to take a selfie. And while that might not sound too invasive, the app then uses ‘bio-metric gender verification software’ to determine whether that person is a woman.” The real kicker, “[t]he technology doesn’t work if you’re trans.” (Photo by Giggle)


“Can the Government Buy Its Way Around the Fourth Amendment?”

The law can’t protect you from the power of capitalism. It’s no secret that the Department of Homeland Security can gain access to all sorts of personal information from your online presence, but they need a warrant for that. Or do they? Gilad Edelman for WIRED says, “DHS isn’t subpoenaing location records; it’s buying them from Venntel…[with] ties to Gravy Analytics, a major adtech company.” I guess money really can buy anything. (Photo by Getty Images)


“How Big Companies Spy on Your Emails”

Apple users beware! The email app, Edison, can customize your email experience, but the price may be too high. Joseph Cox for VICE looked deeper into this seemingly innocent app to find that it “scrapes users’ email inboxes and sells products based off that information.” Cox writes that according to their website, “Edison Trends practices privacy by design.” More like profit by design. (Photo by Miragec/Getty Images)


“Your phone talks about you behind your back. These researchers are listening in”

Alfred Ng for cnet writes, “by taking a look under the hood, [researchers] found that many apps are sending data that goes beyond what people agree to.” This article also highlights the work of Electronic Frontier Foundation who share what’s been happening with our data.  (Photo by Getty Images)

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