Radio Experience: My First Time Hosting! – Generation Justice

On Sunday, August 24th, I had my very first experience co-hosting for the Generation Justice Radio Show. The content of the show included a discussion on police brutality and the militarization of police departments in the United States. Because of the recent police killings in Albuquerque and Ferguson, and the actions of communities across the nation to end police violence, the topic of this show was incredibly important to me. Even though I was nervous to host, I didn’t allow it to weaken my dedication.

Munther Jaber and Chantel Trujillo delivering script during the August 24, 2014 broadcast of Generation Justice.

Going on air as a representative of Generation Justice was a very powerful experience. I had been in the studio before, but this time I had a different role. I was nervous, but I was determined to push my passion beyond my anxiety. Minutes before it was time to go on air, Roberta told my co-host, Munther Jaber, and I that this is our resistance and this is the love that we give back to our community. Everyone that was present in the studio was radiating love, and I definitely felt it. I became very aware of my purpose and of my responsibility as a host, and I was ready.

When I began speaking, I felt the power of my voice, and I heard the power of Munther’s. I felt the love between us as we began our conversation. This love had been built within the process of writing the script, practicing, and now delivering. Our shared passion for the injustices that we were speaking about made the experience even more meaningful. It was amazing! I stumbled over my words once, but I recovered. I was taught that if you mess up during a live show, just keep going. I corrected myself and I continued talking. Before delivering a line, I would think about how I wanted the line to sound, and when it came out the way I imagined, I was very proud.

While I was speaking into the microphone, I couldn’t help but think about the people that were listening to my voice at the other end of the radio waves. What were they thinking about as they heard us speak about these issues? Who was listening and why did they care to listen? So many questions were going through my head, and it was deeply humbling.

I’m still trying to comprehend the fact that I’ve been presented with an opportunity to speak to the world; people have listened to my voice and pondered upon my perspectives. However, within each new experience, I gain empowerment, especially if the role is difficult for me to embrace. This is how I have begun to understand and appreciate my capabilities and my effort, by becoming aware of the growth within myself. I’m incredibly thankful.

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