Seizure  – Generation Justice

What happens to the brain when you have a seizure? Well what happens to the brain when you have a seizure is that when a quick surge of electrical activity occurs in the brain, it affects how a person feels or acts.

I have never had a seizure but have watched people have them before. What I noticed is that they wake up not knowing what just happened. But when their having the seizure, I noticed they become a little stiff and they do random things. They cant stop it from happening, it stops whenever. Also having a seizure might be dangerous sometimes.

It wasn’t to long ago when I watched someone have one. It was when these two kids were fighting and one of them was choking the other when he felt that the guy he was choking wasn’t doing anything. So he let go of him and then he fell to the ground with his arms out hitting his head on the ground. Then he opened his eyes wide open and started making weird noises and motions with his mouth. As soon as that happened, I had a feeling he was having a seizure so I yelled “hes having a seizure” to the people who were with me watching the fight.  Then he put his arms straight up when he was on the floor looking like a zombie. He had the seizure for about ten seconds and then woke up saying “  he got choked out for 3 seconds which stopped his blood from reaching to his head and so he blacked out.

When I saw it happening, I didn’t want to watch it. I just wanted to get away so I wouldn’t be able to see it happening. I was freaking out and didn’t know what to do. I am just glad that the kid who had it is ok.

By: Bashar Jawad

photo credit: IsaacMao