Something So Dangerous [Blog] – Generation Justice

Heroin is most common with suburban teens in New Mexico. Talking about heroin addictions and overdoses is a sensitive subject for me. About a year ago I found out that my friend, who I had known since second grade, was addicted to heroin. I was surprised when I found this out because I never would have thought that someone so close to me would be addicted to something so dangerous. October of last year she passed away from a heroin overdose. I never thought that this would happen because she was always so into being healthy and I had never once heard her talk about doing drugs. I was shocked when I had found out that she was using heroin for 2 years and I knew nothing about it. Even her family didn’t know about her addiction, so her overdose was a shock to everyone around her. Having this happen to someone so close to me, made me want to raise awareness about the heroin issue because it’s a very dangerous drug and some people might have someone they’re close to addicted to it.