Synapses, Babies, and my First Interview [Blog] – Generation Justice
Melissa Harris interviewing Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk.

A little over a month after I started with Generation Justice, I was tasked with my very first interview. This was not just a regular interview but one with an internationally renowned Developmental Psychologist. Needless to say, I was nervous. I started looking into Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk and her work with young children and babies and I was fascinated. I have a young nephew and am a very active and proud aunt. As I read about Dr. Zeedyk’s work and the importance of early brain development, I started observing my nephew more closely and changed how I interacted with him.

Now back to that first interview: the auditorium for Dr. Zeedyk’s presentation and Western premier of her film conversation, “the connected baby” in Albuquerque, New Mexico was packed with professionals, community leaders, teachers, parents, and more.

Throughout Dr. Zeedyk’s presentation and film, I was mesmerized by the information and how many different factors and outcomes in life are directly linked to what happens in early childhood development. Through Dr. Zeedyk’s presentation, the information I had been researching made sense. Synapses were finally understandable!

When it came to actually conducting the interview I was, of course, nervous but as I began to speak with Dr. Zeedyk I became more comfortable because she was so easy to talk to. I learned even more and became devoted to the Early Childhood Development movement. I will always remember this interview not only as my first, but also an experience that changed my life and perspective. I know that when I become a parent, many years from now, I will be more equipped to nurture my child and make sure they are making positive connections with the world around them.

To watch my interview with Dr. Zeedyk, click here.