Top 5 of 2013: Melissa Harris – Generation Justice

Leading up to the show, we had planned and worked on a completely different show! But, once the verdict was read on Saturday, it was imperative for us to dedicate our Sunday show to this topic. We worked hard to plan the show as well as allocate time with our Youth Producers to really talk about what this verdict really meant and why it is important.  I think it was a great show and I was proud of everyone who worked on it!

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This show was incredible. While I was in the studio recording the interview, I could feel that this was going to be phenomenal. I was mesmerized with her story telling! The show turned out incredible!

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This year we were able to welcome 2 new Fellows to our project. This was such an exciting experience. It was wonderful watching an idea turn into reality! We had so many brain storm and planning meetings. Plus our Fellows are just AWESOME!!! I love working with them!I was able to be a part of the Generation Justice delegation to the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver, CO. We were able to bring 4 youth producers and an Alumna! I had never been to a conference like this. I was enthralled in all the workshops and “fan girled” a few times (which our Youth Producers did not let me forget). What truly was amazing was our Youth Producers going out and interviewing top professionals in the field. Each one of them had the confidence to go up to people in a busy conference setting and ask for an interview. (They also did marvelous jobs introducing themselves and Generation Justice!)

My top moment this year was watching Victor Torres deliver the Keynote Speech at the Organizing Youth Engagement (OYE) Conference. Anyone who has met Victor knows how incredible and inspirational he is. While in a planning meeting for OYE, the group was asked for suggestions for the speaker. Roberta and I immediately looked at each other and said Victor. After we told them a bit about Victor it was unanimous that he should speak. Victor delivered a beautiful speech to over 300 young people from New Mexico and received a standing ovation. Twitter was blowing up with praise and love for him! It was amazing to see him on that stage inspiring so many people by being himself. He belongs there and I cannot wait to say “I knew him when.”