Two Big Reasons Why You Should Vote – Generation Justice

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Once again, the signs of election time are upon us: the endless reruns of political commercials, the people knocking on your door, and the posters and billboards littered around the city. So many young adults have seen the constant ads for politicians, and are confused about who to vote for. So many people just don’t vote. This happens so frequently and many young adults don’t understand the importance of voting.

But here are two big reasons why you should vote:’

To be an informed citizen. I am aware that this information gets shoved down your throat and it’s old news. But it is an important thing to do. Becoming an informed citizen really helps your ability to have a say in the political issues that are relevant in society today.
YOU HAVE RIGHTS! Why should you vote? Because you can! You have the ability to say what you need to say in order to have the type of government that you really need. Protect your rights! Have these rights and fight for them. 

There are a lot of reasons to vote while you are young. Whatever your reason, make sure you are being an informed citizen.

For information about where to vote, when, and what the ballots look like, you can go to

Happy voting!

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